John Guzzwell Award

John Guzzwall, during the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival was awarded the life-time achievement award for his contributions to the maritime community. Learn more about John below.

“John Guzzwell, perhaps more than most circumnavigators, was born to the oceans. His ancestors had been trawler men, whose red sails were common to the fishing port of Grimsby, England, and the North Sea fishing banks. His father had been born there, son of a trawler owner, but had wandered about the world to mine gold in Alaska and go pearl fishing in the South Seas…Arriving at Victoria in March 1953, he soon had a good job and was saving money. In the back of his mind was a plan to sail around the world in his own ship. On days off, he would go down to the Maritime Museum on the waterfront and look at Tilikum, Captain John Voss’s famous dugout canoe. He did not, however, have any harebrained stunt in mind….” Learn more about John Guzzwell and his maritime adventures and history in the digital edition of┬áThe Circumnavigators – by Don Holm

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